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The Great Mitzvah – Joy

Joy is sunlight for the soul -

Raising your voice can be good – if it’s the right kind of raising. “Lift up your voice” (Yishayahu 58) is not about volume, it’s about intention.

In his teaching “Mitzva gedola l’hiyos b’simcha it’s a great mitzva to be happy alwaysLikutey Moharan 2 – Tinyana, Torah 24 Rebbe Nachman explains how the sound of our own voice used for tefila (prayer) actually helps us to  stay happy and healthy.

How? The ten different types of pulse that enliven us correspond to the ten corresponding types of song found in the Book of Psalms. Rashi Hakadosh lists these ten types of song as his very first comment on the Sefer Tehillim. They are the ten basic ways we use our voices in ways that uplift our spirits.

Hope you’ll raise your voice today – in a good way!