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Ana BeKoach – Ancient Tefila for Chanukah

Rabbi Michel Dorfman Breslov Music Chanukah

Rabbi Michel Dorfman Breslov Music ChanukahRabbi Yechiel Michel Dorfman z”l received this authentic musical tradition of Breslov from his wife’s grandfather, Reb Avraham Sternhartz z”l, the great grandson of Rav Nasan of Nemirov. The structure of the melody allows for each word of this mystical sequence to be repeated seven times.

Ana BeKoach is a kabbalistic prayer of unknown authorship, traditionally attributed to a sage of the second century, Rabbi Nehunia ben HaKana. It pleads for Israel’s redemption from exile. It’s structured in seven lines of six words each with the first letters of each word spelling out an all-encompassing Name of Hashem. Ana BeKoach is said every morning and during the time when the Chanukah lights are burning.

English translation: “We beg You, with the strength and greatness of Your right arm, untangle our knotted fate. Accept Your People’s song, elevate and purify us. Please, heroic One, those who pursue Your uniqueness, guard them as the pupil of an eye. Bless them, purify them, pity them, may Your righteousness always reward them. Powerful and Holy One, in goodness lead Your flock. Unique and proud One, to Your people turn, who remember Your holiness. Accept our cries and hear our screams, oh Knower of Mysteries. Blessed is the Name of His honored sovereignty forever and ever.”

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