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New Donation Page

“To those who give to me, I give.”

– Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

You can make authoritative Breslov chassidus available to people around the world. Below are suggested donations, but even the smallest amount makes a huge difference and brings blessing.

Note: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit US organization, we process receipts for US tax deductible purposes only.

Dedication Opportunities

Yahrzeit Memorial

$2,600 – A month of learning
$800 – A week of learning
$360 – A day of learning
$180 – A Torah shiur
$120 – A Parsha Video


$1,800 – Tefilah for a request until resolved
$1,200 – 40 days tefilah for a name
$36 – 1 day tefilah for a name


$1,800 – Eitz Chayim Page (Site and Publications)
$450 – Four issues of Parsha Newsletter
$120 – One issue of Parsha Newsletter

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