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Shiur for Mir Yeshiva Students/ שיעור בישיבת חסידי ברסלב - מאה שערים

2017-12-21 – LM1 – Torah 002 – Emor el haKohanim – Introduction, Para. 1-3a – Tefilah (Prayer) as a Sword, Bris, Mishpat (Justice) as Charity

00:00 – Introduction based on Tovos Zichronos by Reb Avrom (Sternhartz) Kokhav-Lev. One of Rebbe Nachman’s first students, Reb Shmuel Isaac of Dashev, had a troubling dream about a sword, but when he traveled to the Rebbe to ask about it, he is rejected at first. This teaching from the Likutey Moharan, “Emor el haKohanim”, was taught the following Shabbos and contains the Rebbe’s response to the dream.
08:32 – PARAGRAPH 1. The main weapon of Mashiach is prayer, which is compared to a double-edged sword.
18:15 – PARAGRAPH 2. Guarding the bris (Covenant) is prerequisite to achieving power of tefilah (prayer).
24:04 – PARAGRAPH 3. Mishpat (justice) is also needed to achieve effectiveness in prayer.
*29:59 – PARAGRAPH 4. Justice is a product of tzedakah (charity). Included are points as to when and how to give charity.
Shiur given for students of the Mir Yeshiva on 2017-12-21. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.

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