2022-06-19 – Chayey Moharan – Para. 115-123 – Rebbe Nachman’s Arrival in Breslov; Weddings of His Daughters; Kabbalah of Wine; Shpoler Zeide | Breslov Shiurim, Breslov Classes


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Chayey Moharan - Biography of Rebbe Nachman/ חיי מוהר"ן

2022-06-19 – Chayey Moharan – Para. 115-123 – Rebbe Nachman’s Arrival in Breslov; Weddings of His Daughters; Kabbalah of Wine; Shpoler Zeide

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 115. In 1812 Rebbe Nachman arrived in Breslov.
03:31 – Rebbe Nachman was not concerned about being driven out of Breslov. He said, “No matter where I go, I’ll repair things.”
04:22 – Rabbi Noson of Nemirov wrote Chayey Moharan and Rabbi Nachman Tcherin ז”ל organized it into its published format.
04:34 – Rav Nachman Tcherin quoted Rebbe Nachman as saying that “We conquered Breslov through clapping our hands and dancing.”
05:31 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 10 – “VEleh HaMishpatim”, the teaching in which clapping hands and dancing is discussed.
06:07 – “Today we have established the name of the Breslov Chassidim.” Rabbi Moshe Kramer: B’gematria Breslov is 294, and Nachman ben Feiga is also 294.
07:03 – PARAGRAPH 116. In 1803, Rebbe Nachman arranged the wedding in Medvedevka of his daughter, Sarah, with Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Dubravner ז”ל.
10:02 – After teaching Likutey Moharan 49 at the Third Meal on Shabbos, Rebbe Nachman danced in an especially inspiring way. His intention was to annul the decrees conscripting Jewish men into the Czar’s army.
11:40 – The marriage of Rebbe Nachman’s daughter, Miriam, in 1804.
13:47 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 22.
14:53 – Rebbe Nachman’s mother had passed away the previous year but the Shabbos preceding the wedding, he invited the neshomos to the wedding through the traditional Breslov melody sung for blessing the new month.
17:15 – “A person who knows how to drink [wine] properly can bring about forgiveness for sins” (Likutey Moharan 177).
17:30 – We bring in Shabbos and every holiday with a cup of wine.
20:30 – Q&R about drinking wine. Wine is begematria 70, parallel to the 70 root nations. The expansions of Hashem’s Name AV and SaG contain, together, 7 yuds. Wine draws its power from the seven yuds, which also correspond to the brain. A person commits a sin when they become temporarily insane. So when wine is drunk properly it elevates a person’s mind.
27:29 – Deeper understanding of the word “kos” – cup. Kos equals ELoKiM in gematria (86). The vowels under “ELoKiM” – under the aleph is chataf segel (five dots) and two more dots in EloKiM total seven. Understanding why a kiddush cup is holy. A revi’is is at least 3.8 fluid ounces.
29:56 – A deeper perspective on the word yayin – wine.
32:00 – Q&R about yayin and kos.
33:22 – Mention of the kos of Rebbe Nachman.
34:06 – Q&R about slow nigunim.
35:51 – Q&R about nigun when learning gemara.
36:35 – Before his trip to Berdichev, Rebbe Nachman had a public debate against the yetzer hara (evil inclination).
38:53 – Rebbe Nachman’s meeting with the Shpoler Zeide – Rabbi Yehuda Leib ben Baruch of Shpola (a town near Uman). Reference to Sipurey Masiyos, the story of The Spider and the Fly.

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