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2023-07-21 – LH5 – YD2 – Milah 5 – Para. 3b-4a – Rochel Imeinu – Tefilah Depends on Focus of Vision – Kavanas of Bris Milah

Milah 5 – Rochel Imeinu – Tefilah Depends on Focus of Vision – Torah is the Name of Hashem Kavanas of Bris MilahPri Eitz ChaimBris on Shabbos – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Milah 5 is based on Likutey Moharan 65.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 3b. Rochel Imeinu. Tefilah depends on the eyes – focus of vision – Iyun Tefilah. One important aspect of this is making Torah into Tefilah. Reference to 2Likutey Moharan 25.
04:00 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 38.
*07:00 – Tzaddikim of previous generations would prepare themselves for an hour before Tefilah, and would wait for an hour after Tefilah. The result was that both their Limud Torah and their Parnassah were blessed.
10:00 – The concept of Bitul – self nullification. Torah is the Name of Hashem. Naming a child at his Bris Milah.
12:00 – Q&R about Reshimu – spiritual imprint.
13:00 – B’dimayich Chayi – Why “In your blood you will live…” (Yechezkel 16:6) is said twice at a Bris Milah.
17:00 – Kavanas of Bris Milah as taught by the Arizal in Pri Eitz Chaim.
*19:00 – Whatever Hashem does is for the good (Berakhos 60). But even so, we pray to get out of a difficult or painful situation. [End of clip at 24:00.]
End of Shiur: Looking up at the sky strengthens Emunah – account of Rebbe Nachman and his student, Reb Chaikel – “Did you look up at the sky today?”
NOTE: Yahrzeit of Reb Shimshon b’R Pesach Ostropoli hy”d.

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