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LH8-02-Matnas Shekhiv Merah

CM2 – Lesson 048a – Matnas Shekhiv Merah 3 – Para. 1-4 – Inheritance, Son, Student

When he passes away, the main inheritance that a father leaves to his sons in this world is daas – Torah wisdom and faith in Hashem. Speaker: R’ Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – This halakha is based on Likutey Moharan 2, Torah 7.
00:01 – PARAGRAPH 1.
05:40 – PARAGRAPH 2.
06:35 – Every Jew has a letter in the Torah.
13:52 – PARAGRAPH 3.
14:58 – A son is a higher level of transmitting daas (Torah knowledge) and a student is a lower level, but sometimes these qualities are interchanged.
21:18 – PARAGRAPH 4.
27:29 – The reason for illness before a person passes away is to serve as a warning for him to “set his house in order” so that he provides for the spiritual needs of his children.
28:29 – Until Yaakov Avinu, there was no illness in the world. People died suddenly. Why was Yaakov the first person in history to receive warning about his impending death?

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