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LH8-05-Hefker veNikhsey HaGer

CM2 – Lesson 076a – Hefkeyr veNikhsey HaGer 4 – Para. 22b-25 – Not Revealing Secrets of the Torah, 248 Letters in Kriyas Shema

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Why many aspects of the Torah are considered secrets.
*19:09 – PARAGRAPH 23. The 248 words in the Shema parallel the 248 limbs of the body. Each word draws emunah (faith in Hashem) into its corresponding physical counterpart. This process of drawing faith into the limbs of the body is also done through washing and then lifting up one’s hands before eating bread.
23:31 – PARAGRAPH 24. The Maginei Eretz – spiritual “Protectors of the Land”.
25:07 – Why the parsha of Tefillin is part of the Shema. Tikkun HaMishpat.

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