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LH8-05-Hefker veNikhsey HaGer

CM2 – Lesson 078a – Hefkeyr veNikhsey HaGer 4 – Para. 31 – Shemoneh Esrei – Birkhas HaShanim, Hashiva Shofteinu, Rain, Praying for Nutrients in Food

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 31.
12:27 – Tefilah (prayer) is like a sword: it’s mores effective if you know how to use it.
14:40 – Argamon (purple) is composed of the initial letters of the four angels of the merkava (“chariot” of Hashem): Uriel, Rafael, Gavriel, Michoel.
18:01 – Note on zvuv (fly) and klippos (extraneous matter).
18:49 – Bracha (blessing).
*20:13 – In the request Barech Aleynu we ask Hashem to put the nutrients in our food that will bring refuah (healing).
32:32 – Hashiva Shofteinu (restore our judges) is a request to enable us to do Tikkun HaMishpat.

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