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LH8-05-Hefker veNikhsey HaGer

CM2 – Lesson 078b – Hefkeyr veNikhsey HaGer 4 – Para. 32-33 – Shemoneh Esrei – Blessings of Yerushalayim, Retzei, Modim, Aitza Tova (Finding a Rabbi)

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 32. Brachos of Shemonei EsreiTikunim of Emunah and Tikkun HaMishpat.
14:59 – In the blessing that includes “And for Yerushalayim…” we ask Hashem to restore the physical and spiritual aspects of Jerusalem, including Moshiach.
24:26 – PARAGRAPH 33. The blessings of “Retzei” and “Modim“.
*42:00 – Hashkiveinu – asking Hashem for aitza tova – good counsel/guidance/advice. [This tefilah includes asking Hashem for help in finding the right rabbi.] In the phrase immediately following, “vehoshieynu meheyra lema’an Shimecha” (and rescue us quickly for the sake of Your Name), the initial letters spell “shalom” – peace.
43:42 – Curing serious illness requires Tikkun HaEmunah and Tikkun HaMishpat.

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