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LH8-05-Hefker veNikhsey HaGer

CM2 – Lesson 079 – Hefkeyr veNikhsey HaGer 4 – Para. 34-35 – Gemstones of the Choshen Mishpat

00:00 – PARAGRAPH 34. New aitza (counsel, advice) is needed every day – it’s not enough to rely on past advice.
10:26 – Tikkun HaMishpat (the establishment of Torah-based justice) is established through connecting with the four-faceted throne of Hashem via the twelve tribes.
12:00 – PARAGRAPH 35. The colors of the tribal banners during Israel’s encampment in the wilderness correspond to the colors of their gemstones in the Choshen Mishpat worn by the Kohen Gadol. Repairing Mishpat is one of the final stages accomplished leading to the establishment of the sovereignty of Moshiach.

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