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CM2 – Lesson 169a – Nezikin 5 – Para. 18-21 – Arba Minim, Shofar, Sukkos – Powerful Secret About Traveling to Uman

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 18. “As a father has mercy on his son…” (Malachi 3:17).
06:16 – Tefilah of Rosh HaShanah. Tikkun haMishpat – how can we influence Divine judgement?
09:55 – PARAGRAPH 19. Yom Kippur, converts to Judaism, Jews who return to serving Hashem.
12:54 – The secret of the atonement offering l’Azalzel.
*14:22 – Why the gathering in Uman on Rosh Hashanah is central to Breslov chassidim. How it’s related to a Sukkah because…
*21:27 – The essence of the mitzvah to dwell in a Sukkah is to leave one’s home.
32:07 – Tehillim 27 “One thing I ask of Hashem, [only] that shall I seek: that I may dwell in the house of Hashem all the days of my life…” אחת שאלתי
37:39 – Traveling to study Torah.
*40:00 – Sukkos is called “Chag ha Assif” – Festival of Ingathering – for a deeper reason than simply agricultural harvest. It relates to the personal sacrifices of those who leave their homes to study Torah.
*43:48 – PARAGRAPH 21. Why did Yaakov Avinu name one of the places he lived “Sukkos“? Story of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev leaving home to study Torah.

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