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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated by Chaim Spilman l’iluy nishmat his dear brother Moshe ben Menachem ע”ה whose yahrzeit is on the 22nd of Av.

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NaCH - Prophets and Writings/ נביאים וכתובים - רבי צבי אריה רוזנפלד ז"ל

NACH 06 – Shoftim – Lesson 4 – Shimshon – Trials, Later Incarnations, Ultimate Victory

Shoftim – The Book of Judges – presented by Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l.
00:00 – Delilah’s attempts to find out the secret of Shimshon‘s strength.
09:15 – Shimshon reveals the truth about his supernatural powers and he is captured by the Plishtim (Philistines). He is blinded and endures many trials but remains a tzaddik.
15:58 – Through his death, Shimshon brings down more enemies of Israel than he did in all his battles against them during his lifetime.
20:57 – Shimshon was a tzaddik and achieved even more through his death than he did through his life. There are two types of gehinnam (hell) – one of fire and one of ice. The antidote for the gehinnam of of ice is hidden in the mitzvos that are done through pairs (e.g. tefillin, two Shabbos loaves at every meal).
27:30 – The powers of a tzaddik to destroy his enemies are even greater after he passes away than they were in his lifetime.
30:16 – The gilgulim (incarnations) of Shimshon, who was, himself, a gilgul of Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aharon HaKohen.
35:52 – The lesson of Shimshon and his ultimate victory is that a person should strengthen his faith in the tzaddikim and never give up.

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