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LH1-01-Hashkamas HaBoker/ הלכות השכמת הבקר

OC1 – Lesson 004 – Hashkamas HaBoker 1 – Para 1-3 – Azamra, Wake Up the Good

The therapy advised by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov to recover from depression through finding the good points in oneself and in others. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Based on Likutey Moharan 1, Torah 282, “Azamra” – “I will sing.”
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 01. Finding your good points to dispel sadness and anger. “I will sing to Hashem as long as I live…” (Tehillim/Psalms 146:2). “[In] only a little while, the wicked will not be there…” (Tehillim/Psalms 37:10).
09:55 – A prayer leader needs to see the good in everyone.
18:56 – PARAGRAPH 02. Recovering from depression and waking up from spiritual sleep. “Many enemies/opponents” insist “there is no hope” (Tehillim/Psalms 3).
23:00 – A person is not allowed to give up on himself.
26:00 – “Taste and see that Hashem is good” (Tehillim/Psalms 34:9). “Hashem is good to all” (Tehillim/Psalms 145:9).
27:30 – The Name of Hashem equals 17 – tov (good). Gematria of Mispar Katan in Tikkunei Zohar.
32:42 – “I wake up and I’m still with You, Hashem” (Tehillim/Psalms 139:18).
34:10 – Recovering from sadness – the therapy of self-awareness and self-love. “A little bit of light dispels much darkness.”
35:07 – PARAGRAPH 03. What does it mean to “Awaken the dawn”? (Tehillim/Psalms 57:9)
39:45 – The kabbalah of “I am black but beautiful” (Medrash Rabba on Shemos/Exodus 49 and Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs 1:5).
42:00 – To achieve the beauty and harmony of the mishkan, each individual brought their own particular type of good. Moshe Rabbeinu could find the good in every member of Klal Yisrael (the People of Israel).
46:35 – The 13 Midos (character traits) of Rachamim – mercy, compassion, kindness (Shemos/Exodus 24:6-7).

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