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LH1-05-Birkhas HaShachar/ הלכות ברכת השחר

OC1 – Lesson 125 – Birkhas HaShachar 5 – Para. 45 Mid.-46 – Moshe Rabbeinu and Betzalel

Shiur given by Rabbi Nasan Maimon on Zayin Adar 5772 (1 March 2012). Based on Likutey Moharan Torah 215 and Likutey Moharan Tinyana Torah 4. Topics: Ratzon (favor, appeasement), menorah, mishkan, tzedaka (charity), Tetzaveh, BeHaalosekha, Betzalel, Moshe Rabeynu (Moses), Rebbe Nachman’s final shiur.
00:00 – Review.
02:20 – The essence of idol worship is misdirected desire for money. It results in suffering involved with making a living. (Likutey Moharan 23.)
07:18 – The suffering of earning a living is repaired through the 39 melakhos (types of creative tasks) needed for the construction of the mishkan. This repair is accomplished in our generation through giving tzedakah (charity) to worthy causes.
10:30 – In the construction of the mishkan, an array of different materials was used to perfect the full range of human qualities. Gavnanim Ilayim – colors of metal: gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, tin, reflect different aspects of heavenly light.
*17:20 – Pekudei – even when the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, it continued to protect the People of Israel. This is why the mishkan was taken down and put back up a number of times when Israel was traveling in the wilderness. These structures have a power even in their dismantled state. The tzaddikim are involved with constructing the mishkan of our tefilos in every generation. This helps every individual to safely navigate the wilderness of their life. (Likutey Moharan 27.)
*26:40 – PARAGRAPH 46. Although it was difficult for Moshe Rabbeinu to understand the construction of the menorah, Betzalel was able to understand it right away.
31:33 – The menorah is the spiritual “generator” that streams ratzon (determination, desire for good) into the souls of Am Yisrael.
36:00 – The 49 parts of the menorah correspond to the 49 levels through which the soul passes from darkness to light. Moshe Rabbeinu was missing the fiftieth level (called “ratzon“) until the time of his passing.
39:26 – Betzalel understood that Moshe Rabbeinu found this difficult because of his humility.

47:30 – The Chmielnitsky massacre. An account of Rebbe Nachman’s determination to teach Torah even though he was in terrible pain during his final illness.
55:50 – Bnei Yissachar on L’Ag BeOmer. Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai was a gilgul (incarnation) of Moshe Rabbeinu. In Pirkei Avos he says a good heart includes all other good character traits. The Bnei Yissachar points out that Lev Tov (good heart) is begemtria 49.

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