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Shemini – The Two Opposing Powers of Wine (Entire Shiur)

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Date of recording: 2014-05-26. Text: Likutey Halakhos, Choshen Mishpat 1, Hilkhos Harshaah 4, Para. 13-14. Based on Likutey Moharan I, Torah 59.
00:00 – The four cups of wine at the Pesach seder.
05:20 – Hisbodedus (personal prayer in seclusion, using one’s own words) is an important way to strengthen mishpat (self-judgment).
11:27 – The tzaddik is like a tree. The way a person can tell that they’re attached to the tzaddik is if they’re able to bring others close to him.
14:27 – Comment about the pope visiting Israel.
*18:30 – PARAGRAPH 14. Four cups of wine that we drink at the Pesach seder. Judgment is compared to drinking wine. What is the “cup of salvation”?
19:32 – The two opposite powers of wine. Brief summary of the sefiros (conduits of Hashem’s light) and how mishpat balances them.

27:30 – End of clip for Parshas Shemini.
27:46 – Wine is used for kiddush to bring in Shabbos or Yom Tov because it’s an aspect of mishpat. When Shabbos comes in, souls enter into the arena of holiness. At this point we can lift up the cup of joy, the kos for kiddush.
35:00 – Tefilas Layl Shabbos repeatedly includes the word “mishpat” and words related to it.
40:00 – Wine can bring joy to the heart when the fire of mishpat is strong enough to burn away the klipos (spiritual coverings) around the heart.
43:23 – One meaning of the word Shabbos is “destroy” because we destroy evil.
44:14 – The geulah is accomplished through the fire of mishpat. This is the secret of the four cups of wine at the Pesach seder and the burning flame in the thornbush. This is the wine that brings happiness. On Friday night we say, “A fire goes before Him which destroys all His enemies.”
47:22 – The four cups correspond to the perfect square of the four-sided chestplate of the Kohen Gadol. (Based on Likutey Moharan 59.) If a person doesn’t use good judgment, wine can harm his wealth by causing him to become angry. But when a person uses wine in the ways advised in the Torah, it can bring a higher level of consciousness.

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