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Likutey Moharan 2/ ליקוטי מוהר"ן תנינא

2020-05-17 – LM2 – Torah 2 – Para. 1-4a – Rectifying Speech; Korbon Todah, Olam HaBah; Childbirth

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Dedication of shiur l’ilui nishmas (for the elevation of the soul of) Yosef Leib bar Shmaryahu ז”ל, the father of Dr. Barry Shapiro. Historical background of this teaching, which Rebbe Nachman offered as a thanksgiving-offering to Hashem for allowing him to remain alive even though doctors had just told him that his illness was terminal.
01:21 – PARAGRAPH 1. The joys of the World-to-Come can be experienced by thanking Hashem and praising Him. “In the future, all sacrifices will be abolished except for the thanksgiving-offering.” (VaYikra Rabbah 9:7, 27:12).
04:27 – PARAGRAPH 2. How the heart is affected when a person suffers or is troubled.
06:38 – Four types of people required to give special praise to Hashem through the blessing “HaGomel” – based on Tehillim/Psalms 107. What is “Toras Chesed” (Mishlei) – is there a Torah that’s not chessed? The heart is the place of understanding and is therefore most sensitive to any crisis, physical, emotional, or spiritual. During any affliction, the blood rushes to the heart to “seek counsel” about what to do.
17:50 – PARAGRAPH 3.Spiritual aspects of childbirth and how these principles apply to halakha (the clarification of Torah Law).
26:04 – The suffering of Asa. One of the ultimate goals of Torah study is to reach the conclusion of halakha, that is, what action does the Torah advise.
29:21 – QUESTION and RESPONSE about why Asa’s legs were affected, as opposed to his eyes.
30:42 – PARAGRAPH 4. Thanking Hashem for the good things in our life enlightens our speech, as does speaking the emes (truth).

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