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LH3-11-Yom HaKippurim/ הלכות יום הכיפורים

2020-06-08 – LH3 – OC3 – Yom HaKippurim 2 – Intro. – Para. 1-3a – Kavana (Intention) and Esrog (Citron on Sukkos) – Simplicity in Serving Hashem

Yom HaKippurim 2 – Kavana and a Beautiful Esrog (Citron on Sukkos)– Crying on Yom Kippur – Simplicity in Serving Hashem – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Yom HaKippurim 2 is based on 2Likutey Moharan 5.
00:00 – INTRODUCTION. Reference to Sichos HaRan 87. Pri Eitz Chaim 3.
14:23 – PARAGRAPH 1. The Kavana (intention) when holding the Arba Minim, we want to draw the Sechel of the body into the Esrog. Why we shake the Lulav in six directions: south, north, east, up, down, west.
21:04 – PARAGRAPH 2.
25:05 – PARAGRAPH 3. A person needs to cast away knowledge when he wants to perform a Mitzvah with true simplicity. The dangers of relying on intellect alone. Reference to 2Likutey Moharan 5. Serving Hashem improved through introspection, asking ourselves if our actions and conduct are in sync with our knowledge.
56:09 – QUESTION on how to achieve and incorporate simplicity.
60:00 – Story from Rabbi Rosenfeld zal about the portrait made of Moshe Rabbeinu. (Tiferes Yisrael)
66:08 – Closing blessings – Rabbi Maimon is on his way today to the Bris Milah of a great grand nephew B”H.

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