2023-01-02 – LH4 – YD1 – Giluach 5 – Para. 2b-6a – Beard and Peyos – Sekhel HaMakif – The Silent Scream – Why Babies Cry – Chupah – Sheva Brachos | Breslov Shiurim, Breslov Classes


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2023-01-02 – LH4 – YD1 – Giluach 5 – Para. 2b-6a – Beard and Peyos – Sekhel HaMakif – The Silent Scream – Why Babies Cry – Chupah – Sheva Brachos

Giluach 5 – Para. 2b-6a. Beard and PeyosSekhel HaMakif – The Silent Scream – Why Babies Cry – Chupah Sheva Brachos.
Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Miamon. (This shiur was given on the 9th of Teves.)
Hilkos Giluah 5 is based on Likutey Moharan 21.

00:00 – PARAGRAPH 2b. The hair of the beard and peyos is in proximity to the “Seven Lights of the Menorah” – the seven openings in the head through which a person receives awareness: eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth.
05:21 – Peyah is b’Gematria Elokim.
09:24 – The Thirteen Tikkunim of the Beard.
11:00 – Review of the process through which a person acquires Sekhel HaMakif. The first step is through Tzaakah – crying out with no words.
14:29 – PARAGRAPH 3. Why the hair of a newborn grows, but the beard doesn’t grow until adulthood. The Mochin of a newborn begins developing in ibur – pregnancy.
17:27 – PARAGRAPH 4. Why a sterile man can’t grow a beard.
21:00 – PARAGRAPH 5. Why babies cry. Newborns and very young children scream without words as they give birth to their mochin – awareness.
*22:57 – An important lesson for a person who wants to increase their Mochin: crying out to Hashem – even without words – helps.
24:27 – There are many facets and levels to the concept of Mochin.
27:05 – NOTE about the Tza’aka of Am Yisrael at Yam Suf.
*28:34 – NOTE about the life of Rav Nosson of Nemirov ז”ל. Description of the silent scream.
29:58 – Q&R about the definition of scream. [A silent scream is the force of breath through the throat. It’s a result of deep emotion, but the vocal chords are not engaged so no sound is heard.]

31:30 – Q&R why women don’t have beards. Women have a different relationship with דעת than men have.
31:51 – Q&R about the spiritual quality of the mouth.
32:11 – PARAGRAPH 6. In Ashkenazic tradition, the Kallah circles the Chatan seven times when they enter under the Chupah – wedding canopy. This corresponds to the seven Makifin. This also corresponds to the Sheva Brachos – the seven blessings following the wedding meal during the seven days of celebration after the wedding. Every aspect of the Chupah is to draw the Makifim into the couple.
34:48 – The union between husband and wife is called דעת.
36:18 – The purpose of marriage is to bring awareness of Hashem into the world.
37:35 – Why the ultimate test of a person in this world is with respect to Teyvus Niuf. The mystery of free will and the importance of maintaining the purity of the “Seven Lights of the Menorah”.
44:53 –  Activity in the brain generates warmth in the heart.
48:10 – Reference to Sichos HaRan 115. The union between husband and wife begins in the brain.
48:42 – NOTE about the Yahrzeit of Rav Nosson of Nemirov ז”ל which begins tonight. Closing blessings.

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