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LH5-13-Shiluach HaKen

2023-09-14 – LH5 – YD2 – Shiluach HaKen 1 – 2 – How to Flee from Kovod – Honor – Shekhina and Soul Compared to a Bird – Ayeh Makom Kvodo

Shiluach HaKen 1 – 2 – How to Flee from Kovod – Honor – Shekhina and Soul Compared to a Bird – Ayeh Makom Kvodo – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Shiluach HaKen 1 is based on Likutey Moharan 67.
Kovod – the soul – originates from the Kisey Hakavod – Throne of Hashem – “Mother of all Creation”.
00:00 – Dedications.
02:17 – HALAKHA 1.
06:30 – If a person chases after Kovod it will flee from him.
09:00 – Food is an aspect of Kovod – when food is served to a guest, it’s called Kibud.
10:40 – The Nefesh is compared to a bird.
14:00 – NOTE about the Malach Mem Tes – the concept of discerning between good and bad. When a person seeks a Rabbi, he should look for a “Malach” – a man of high personal integrity.
15:30 – The name of the Malach Mem Tes is spelled Mem – Tes – Tes – Reish – Vuv – Noon. Meaning of “Rebbe Meir took a Rimon”  – he kept Tess Tess (the center) and discarded the KlipahRimon. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zal is known as a “Holy Angel that came down from Heaven”.
19:00 – Q&R about the difference between Kovod and Nefesh. Story of Rav Nosson zal – he told a student “I’d have more Nachas from you if you’d be able to pick yourself up after a fall.”
21:40 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 6. “Every person has to see to it to minimize their own Kovod and increase the Kovod of Hashem.
24:00 – HALAKHA 2. Hilkhos Shiluach HaKen 2 is based on 2Likutey Moharan 12 – “Ayeh”. When we cry out “Where is the place of His Kovod” (Kedusha of Mussaf) we open new way to connect with Hashem.
31:22 – Q&R about Uman being the lowest spiritual place on earth.
32:00 – The mother bird is compared to the Shekhina. The root word צפר is 370 – the three upper Sefiros are hundreds, the lower seven are tens.
47:00 – Q&R. Story of Hashem carving out a path for Acher to receive his Teshuva. Otzer Matnos Chinam – Treasury of Free Gifts. If the Tzaddik seems to be pushing a person away, don’t believe it. Story of a couple who were told by a doctor they “couldn’t have children”. Then, after adopting an orphan with Down Syndrome, they conceived a child of their own – after more than 18 years of marriage.
55:50 – Q&R about Rosh Hashanah on Shabbos. Permission to cry on Shabbos.
57:00 – Closing blessings.

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