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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated by Nathan and Joyce Rudy and family l’iluy nishmat Sion ben Salha ע”ה and l’iluy nishmat Serach bat Seti ע”ה.

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06-Elul/Rosh Hashanah/ חדש אלול / ראש השנה

CAL-06-Elul – Getting Ready for Rosh Hashanah 5779

Shiur given in Efrat on 2018-08-27 by Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Rosh Hashanah – the key to success in teshuvah (return to Hashem and His Torah) is humility.
10:31 – Hashem is willing to forgive.
16:30 – Moshiach.
18:34 – Story of the Baal Shem Tov HaKadosh.
23:25 – The world before the Torah was given – chessed chinam – free gifts of kindness.
36:21 – How can emes (truth) be kindness? The truth of the angels vs. the higher truth of Hashem.
39:04 – Why Moshe Rabbeinu rebuked Am Yisroel through hints.
42:40 – Closing.

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