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LH8-03-Aveyda uMetzia

CM2 – Lesson 054a – Aveyda uMetzia 3 – Para. 10-12a – Secrets of the Geula Hidden in Yaakov Avinu’s Blessings

When Hashem kept Yaakov Avinu from revealing the secrets of the final redemption, he hid the process in the various blessings he gave to his twelve sons. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 10.
10:00 – Question and response about how much tzedakah to give.
11:55 – PARAGRAPH 11. Yaakov refers to pregnancy, Yisrael refers to birth.
27:40 – The process of geulah is twofold. First the student needs to be in a state of listening, and this facilitates the new Torah brought into the generation via the Tzaddik.
30:31 – Yaakov Avinu needs to use harsh words for the first three shevatim.
*32:34 – PARAGRAPH 12. How Yaakov’s reprimand is necessary to initiate the birth process of the ultimate geulah.
39:40 – Why and how a tzaddik becomes “angry”.
47:35 – Bracha for Shimon.
52:23 – Bracha for Yehuda.

לעילוי נשמת ר’ יחיאל מיכל ז”ל בהר’ר יהושע דוד הלוי הי”ד דורפמן, נלב”ע ה’ מנחם אב תשס”ו
This shiur is dedicated L’iluy Nishmas (for the elevation of the soul of) Rosh HaYeshivas Breslov, Meah Shaarim, R’ Yechiel Michel ז”ל ben Chanah Perel ע”ה and Rav Yehoshua Dovid הי”ד HaLevi Dorfman. Born in the Ukraine in 1913, he and his wife (a descendant of Rav Nasan of Nemirov through both her mother and father) survived the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine and Reb Michel’s imprisonment in Siberia, under the murderous regime of Stalin. Together they and their children braved 38 years blacklisted as “refuseniks” and finally arrived in Yerushalayim where, from 1972 until his petirah, Reb Michel worked tirelessly, with heartfelt tefilos and mesiras nefesh, to shepherd and support the Breslov community in Meah Shaarim and worldwide. Right up to his passing at age 92, seven days a week he rose at chatzos and led the daily vasikin minyan at the Breslov Yeshiva. He organized and funded regular transportation at chatzos for tefilah at the Kosel, Maaras HaMachpeleh, and Kever Rochel. He built five mikvehs in the Ukraine and laid the foundation of the klois in Uman. In 1989, he spearheaded the yearly gathering in Uman at the Tziyun of Rebbe Nachman for Rosh HaShanah by organizing a handful of his students to travel to the Ukraine. Niftar in 5766 (2006) on the yahrzeit of the ARIzal, the 5th of Menachem Av, his gravesite is on Har Zaysim (the Mount of Olives). He considered each of his students as his own child. Revered and beloved by all who were privileged to benefit from his light, the entire website exists only in his merit.

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