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LH8-12-Chakirus veKablanus

CM2 – Lesson 132b – Chakirus veKablanus 2 – Para. 10-13 – Parshas Vayelech, Rising Early – Bilaam vs. Avraham Avinu

00:00 – PARAGRAPH 10. The main purpose of working the field is to bring order out of disorder. How this relates to the relationship between the owner of a field and the one renting it in a sharecropping situation.
11:23 – PARAGRAPH 12. Related to Parshas Vayelech: why Bilaam’s curse was turned into a blessing.
*17:23 – Moshe Rabbeinu finds merit in Am Yisrael especially during the 40 days from Rosh Chodesh Elul through Yom Kippur (his third ascent of Har Sinai.
44:18 – PARAGRAPH 13. Bilaam rising early in the morning to curse the Jews vs. Avraham rising early to offer his son Yitzchak to Hashem.

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