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LH1-04-Tefillin/ הלכות תפלין

OC1 – Lesson 061 – Tefillin 5 – Para. 6-7

00:00 – PARAGRAPH 6. (Lesson 061a). Tefillin as hadras ponim – the enlightenment of the face, corresponding to Hashem’s thirteen qualities of mercy. The importance of אריכת אפים – patience – in serving Hashem.
22:44 – (Lesson 061b). The many definitions of Arichas Apayim – patience, the ability to take a deep breath and wait. How it contrasts with and counteracts anger, transforming it. The ability to regain balance after falling. The importance of knowing how to fall.
43:26 – (Lesson 061c).  A person needs to steer clear of becoming old by constantly renewing his outlook and actions. The secret of youth is to shatter the illusion that one is hopeless and cannot change, G-d forbid.
51:17 – PARAGRAPH 7. (Lesson 061d). Secrets for eternal youth, individually and in relationships. Eretz Yisrael is key to התחדשות – the power of renewal.
54:00 – The importance of renewal in marriage.
57:47 – Definition of chayim aruchim – long life. Start small, do whatever you can, even just one little thing, but don’t give up! Patience is the main thing.*
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