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LH1-05-Birkhas HaShachar/ הלכות ברכת השחר

OC1 – Lesson 099 – Birkhas HaShachar 3 – Para. 5-9

This halakha is based on Likutey Moharan Torah 56. Throughout this halakha there are references to the eleventh story in Rabbi Nachman’s Sipurey Masiyos: “The Exchanged Children.”
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 5. Every Jew has the potential to be as great as the greatest tzaddik.
19:00 – (Lesson 099b).
28:50 – PARAGRAPH 7.
35:58 – PARAGRAPH 8. (Lesson 099c). Yaakov and Esav struggling over the rights of the firstborn. Tehillim/Psalms 89 – “I will also designate him as a firstborn.”
42:15 – PARAGRAPH 9.
44:28 – This world is upside down. (Bava Basra 10).
51:45 – Disagreement between rabbis. How do I know who’s right? How can I decide which rabbi to follow?
*53:00 – How can a person identify false leaders who make a name for themselves but are not qualified to teach Torah? Through tefilah (Jewish prayer). For more on this, review Likutey Moharan 2 Torah 78, Section 8.

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