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LH1-05-Birkhas HaShachar/ הלכות ברכת השחר

OC1 – Lesson 132 – Birkhas HaShachar 5 – Para. 68-69 – Pidyon Nefesh – Charity on Behalf of Prayer

Tefilah (Jewish prayer) is the greatest revelation of ratzon (goal, yearning). Hashem will change the laws of nature in the merit of a tzaddik who prays on behalf of a person who entrusts him with a pidyon nefesh (charity enabling a redemption process).
00:00. PARAGRAPH 7 (end). “Charity uplifts a nation…”(Mishlei/Proverbs 14:34). Jewish charity is different from that given by any other people.
09:40 – PARAGRAPH 68. Moshe Rabeinu, Korach, the 24 courts of the kohanim, and sweetening harsh judgements in the 24 heavenly courts. Yaakov Avinu asks not to be included in the future shameful incident of Zimri.
29:00 – In his rebellion against Moshe Rabeinu, what did Korach “take”?
*41:24 – What is a pidyon nefesh (redemption process/charity)?
*49:22 – Hashem permits the tzaddik to rule over Him, so to speak.

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