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Sipurey Maasios/ סיפורי מעשיות

Sipurey Maasios – Lesson 13b – The Rabbi’s Only Son – Part 2 – Commentary of Rav Nachman Tcherin zal

Sipurey Maasios – The Stories of Rebbe Nachman – Lesson 13b – The Rabbi’s Only Son – Part 2 – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. (Recorded on 2021-03-30).
The sixth story in Rebbe Nachman’s anthology of mystical allegories. Text translated and explained in light of Rimzey Masiyos, the commentary of Rav Nachman Tcherin zal.

00:00 – Summary of The Rabbi’s Only Son.
16:45 – Commentary of Reb Nachman Tcherin on this story.
21:16 – NOTE: the story speaks of an only son.
24:41 – The most important obstacles to spiritual progress are in the mind.
29:14 – Q&R about the application of concepts to present life. Account of how Rebbe Nachman tested Rav Nosson of Nemirov zal to determine if he was a worthy student.

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