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2019-02-03 – LM1- Torah 100 – Torah 101

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Torah 100. The temperaments of different kinds of tzaddikim vary – some are easy-going, some are fiery.
06:33 – Questions. The approach of Hillel vs. that of Shammai. In our time the world needs chessed (kindness).
12:14 – Torah 101. A deeper understanding of kiddush on Shabbos night.
26:30 – Sechel (intelligence) is the essence of man.
41:29 – There are three levels of sechel.
46:01 – Three times Hashem’s Name yud and hey is “Adam” (45).
48:19 – Tehillim/Psalms 27:2. “When evil ones approach me… it is they who stumble and fall.”
51:22 – The Torah was given on Shabbos.
52:18 – Rabbi Rosenfeld z”l The word Shabbos (702) is seventy nations times ten commandments.
52:29 – Questions. Reward for the struggle to learn Torah.

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