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2019-02-10-LM1 – Torah 102 – Torah 105 – Para. 1-2

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Torah 102. Reverence for Hashem brings bounty into the world.
18:54 – Torah 103. A Torah teacher is obligated to teach a worthy student, because the Torah is an inheritance.
24:34 – Torah 104. Because Moshe Rabbeinu accused the tribes of Reuven and Gad too harshly, he was punished through his grandson Mikhah’s worshiping an idol.
36:39 – Torah 105. PARAGRAPH 1. Human beings, especially in our generation, need great רחמים – compassion. Hashem Himself prays: “May it be My Will that My mercy is greater than My anger…” (Berachos 7a) The achievement of holiness is done through three stages: ibur (gestation), yenika (nursing), and mochin d’gadlus (mature perceptions).
52:05 – Nimtza – (therefore) a person’s ability to understand one thing from another is called מוחין – consciousness, which is חכמה – wisdom.
54:05 – Torah 105. PARAGRAPH 2. Parable of two merciful people, one is wealthier than the other. Best to approach the less wealthy person and ask him to approach the one who is in a position to help more.
58:14 – End of PARAGRAPH 2.

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