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Dialogue 2018-11-08 – Since Hashem is Kind, Why Do People Suffer? (Entire Shiur)

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Why do people suffer? Shiur given on 2018-11-08 in Jerusalem, “Dialogue Series” sponsored by Dr. Daniel Weil and his family.
00:00 – Introduction.
01:56 – Part 1. We live in an upside-down world.
04:11 – Part 2. Closing eyes to pain.
06:23 – Part 3. Why good people suffer. Story of Kaiser Wilhelm forcing a sailor to swim to save his life.
10:56 – Part 4. Suffering as a wake-up call. Reb Zanvil wakes up in prison.
13:34 – Blessing “Baruch Dayan haEmes“.
14:00 – Part 5. Tapping into the future when there will no longer be pain.
15:57 – Fallen fears.
19:59 – Part 6. A leader is responsible for his constituents.
*24:47 – Part 7. Parshas Mishpatim – Reincarnation and Divine Judgement.
30:04 – Hashem is entirely righteous.
33:18 – Analogy of new military aircraft that’s “aware” of its surroundings. Hashem’s judgement is infinitely more aware of the outcome and effect on all involved, not just the person being judged.
36:14 – The blessing of Yaakov Avinu.
38:26 – Question 1. Enduring pain vs. running away from it. The importance of daas (wisdom informed by Torah) in deciding how to deal with suffering.
42:02 – Question 2. Why do innocent people suffer? Where is the kindness of Hashem?
44:47 – Inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael are judged more carefully.
47:29 – Question 3. Emotional vs. Physical suffering.
00:00 – Question 4. Is it better to suffer in this world rather than in the next world?
53:41 – Question 5. Is suffering random? Story of navy recruit going through endurance tests.
1:02:31 – Question 6. When to take action and when to wait with faith?
1:03:48 – Question 7. Is a man responsible for suffering in his household?
1:05:33 – Emunah is a choice.

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