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Living Emunah Series – Part 2 – A History of Chassidus

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. This shiur was recorded in Jerusalem on the 13th of Teves, 5779 (2018-12-20), on the shloshim of Cheena Rochel bas R’ Chaim Menachem, for the aliya of her neshomah.
00:00 – Dedication and introduction.
01:18 – The beginnings of chassidus. “You went to a high place and took ‘SHeVI’ – captives.” (Tehillim 68:18). This alludes to the fact that an aspect of Moshe Rabeynu is found in the leadership of every generation. “SHeVI” hints at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Arizal. A description of the Zohar Hakodesh, its verification, and explanation.
08:13 – The 1600’s was a dark time for Israel, physically and spiritually. Shabsei Tzvi.
10:46 – The challenges of our present generation parallel to challenges of the simple Jew in the 1600’s.
13:06 – 6000 years of creation correspond to the six sefiros. “Hod” is on the left, corresponding to the harsh judgments of the 1600’s.
14:29 – The sixth millenial begins a new era. The historical significance of the three watches of the night: time of donkey braying, dog barking, babies nursing.
20:12 – Rosh Hashanah tefilah: “u’dvarcha emes u’kayam lo’ad” – “You word is truth and is established forever.” The Holocaust brought Torah observance to America.
23:58 – The derech of the Baal Shem Tov HaKadosh and his students uplifted even the simplest Jews, who had no access to Torah scholarship. The Bnei Yissa’char, Degel Machanei Ephraim, and others had access to the highest levels of Torah but was able to bring this wisdom to all of Klal Yisroel.
27:48 – The challenge of poverty and the greater challenge of wealth.
30:46 – The difficulties facing Jews today: intermarriage, depression, addictions, lack of physical exercise.
34:14 – How do we deal with today’s challenges? Chassidus provides practical advice and encouragement. “Betzor hirchavta li” (Tehillim 4:1). Through the difficulty itself Hashem opens a path for us. Yosef haTzaddik was sold to a caravan of merchants who were transporting sweet-smelling spices, to hint that Hashem is with the tzaddik even though things may seem bleak.
*38:58 – Rabbi Akiva survives a shipwreck and explains how it’s an analogy for difficulties in life.
41:00 – The Holocaust – the survivors brought a new light to the world. Revenge on enemies through Jewish children being born.
42:26 – Questions and responses. Addressing the problem of addictions.

In loving memory of a true baalas emunah, Cheena Rochel bas R’ Chaim Menachem. 13 Kislev, 2779.

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