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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated  l’ilui nishmas Yuspeh Hendel bas Yehoshua  ע”ה whose yahrzeit is on the 19th of Adar.

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Parsha 54 – VeZos-HaBerakha – Believing is Seeing

simchas torah

simchas torah breslovtorah.comBecause the Torah begins with Hashem’s “vision”, its ultimate result is true vision, as understood in the final words of Sefer Devarim, “…before the eyes of all Israel.” Based on Likutey Halakhos Orakh Chaim 2, Hilkhos Maasa uMatan 4:11. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Parsha 54 – VeZos HaBerakha – Believing is Seeing