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Yahrzeit Commemoration for Rabbi Rosenfeld z”l

To commemorate the yahrzeit of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l a special seudah will take place on Sunday evening, December 8th – 11th of Kislev at Beit Knesset Ohr Avraham, Ezrat Torah, Jerusalem.

The gathering is open to men and women (separate seating) and will include divrei Torah for English speakers.

The following morning, transportation will be available to Rabbi Rosenfeld’s kever on Har HaZeitim, from both Jerusalem and Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Please use the form below to honor Rabbi Rosenfeld z”l by contributing to this commemoration, or by supporting the preservation of his priceless legacy of Torah shiurim available world wide through our website’s media library. 

For more information please contact Yossi Lanton: or 972-52-877-8580.