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LH2-04-Betziyas HaPas/ הלכות בציעת הפת

2020-12-16 – LH2 – OC2 – Betziyas HaPas 5 – Para. 22b-23 – Tactics for Defeating the Yatzer Hara; The Importance of Torah Study; Source of the Mitzvah to Light the Chanukah Menorah

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. This halakha is based on Likutey Moharan 14.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 22b. Tactics for defeating the Yatzer Hara (evil inclination) and the importance of Torah study.
22:53 – PARAGRAPH 23.
28:54 – Every individual household needs to light the Chanukah menorah. What is the source for the mitzvah (commandment) to kindle the Chanukah lights? Matisyahu Kohen Gadol.
*33:27 – Throughout history, every rescue of Klal Yisrael depended on the tzaddik of the generation. This is also true today.

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