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LH2-06-Birkhas HaMazon/ הלכות ברכת המזון

2021-01-15 – LH2 – OC2 – Birkhas HaMazon 4 – Para. 20a – Ratzon (Desire for Holiness); Revelation of Hashem Through Eretz Yisrael and Blessings After a Meal

Birkhas HaMazon 4 – Ratzon (desire for holiness); Revelation of Hashem through Eretz Yisrael and Blessings After a Meal – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Birkhas HaMazon 4 is based on 2Likutey Moharan 40.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 20. The holiness of Eretz Yisrael is drawn from the hispa’arus (splendor of diversity) that is revealed through the blessings recited after a meal of bread.
03:36 – The main way a Jew serves Hashem is through his desire for holiness.
06:39 – The word Nefesh (soul) means desire.
11:51 – Tefilah is an expression of Ratzon. Reference to Likutey Moharan 31: there are two aspects of Ratzon – desire in the heart (Ratzon beKoach/potential) and expression through speech (Ratzon bePoel/realization).
12:57 – NOTE: Moshe Rabbeinu was the most beloved person to Hashem, so why didn’t Hashem allow him to enter Eretz Yisrael? Sefer Megaleh Amukos is entirely devoted to this topic, providing 252 reasons why Moshe Rabbeinu could not enter the Land.
16:11 – QUESTION about traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashanah during the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. RESPONSE: Account of one of Rabbi Rosenfeld zal‘s trips to Uman when the driver didn’t allow them to get to the gravesite of Rebbe Nachman.
18:31 – The greatest satisfaction Hashem receives from Am Yisrael is their persistence. The importance of stubbornness and determination in serving Hashem.
*30:18 – Getting to Eretz Yisrael requires tremendous persistence. Rebbe Nachman considers this one of the greatest accomplishments a Jew can achieve in this world.
*34:52 – The word מניעות Meniyos (obstacles) contains the same letters as the word נעימות Naimus (pleasantness).
*36:50 – “Sometimes a person prays for something that costs a hundred thousand dollars, but the Tefilah itself is worth a billion dollars.”
38:20 – Reciting Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs on Erev Shabbos counteracts the negative energy and impurities of the previous week.
40:19 – Customs of a man immersing in a Mikveh on Erev Shabbos.
45:42 – NOTES about Gematria of Ahava (13), Moshe (345), and Ratzon (346). Har Nevo is “Noon” “Vo” – the 50th Gate arrived.
47:09 – “Our love for You [Hashem] is as powerful as death…” (Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs).
57:20 – QUESTION about practical ways to increase Ratzon for holiness and love for Hashem.
54:41 – QUESTION about desiring something bad.
55:42 – Closing remarks.

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