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2023-07-24 – LH5 – YD2 – Milah 5 – Para. 5b-8 – Krias Shema – Shemoneh Esrei – Tefilah for Spiritual Blessings – Bris – Raising Children – 9 Hours of Prayer?

Milah 5 – Krias ShemaShemoneh EsreiTefilah for Spiritual Blessings – Bris – Raising Children – 9 Hours of Prayer? – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Milah 5 is based on Likutey Moharan 65.
00:00 – The blessings of the Shemoneh Esrei. Ata Gibor….
16:08 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 34. Why do we have to pray when Hashem knows what we need? Our speech creates vessel with which we can contain Hashem’s blessings.
25:53 – PARAGRAPH 6. Kavanas of Bris Milah.
34:36 – Q&R – What are Kelim?
35:17 – PARAGRAPH 7. Zohar HaKodesh on people who “bark” at Hashem – asking for physical benefits instead of spiritual benefits – Tikkun HaNefesh to elevate the Shekhina. NOTE from Rabbi Michel Dorfman ז”ל: In this world it’s important to also pray for material benefits, as long as the ultimate purpose is spiritual.
38:31 – Q&R about Tefilah.
*40:52 – PARAGRAPH 8. Why the Tzaddikim of previous generations paused for an hour after Tefilah to internalize and absorb the Reshimu of the experience of Bitul. Since these Tzaddikim did 9 hours of prayer each day, when did they study Torah or work? Their Torah and work was blessed.
48:26 – Q&R about the word קלי as both weapon and vessel.
*51:30 – Q&R about learning Torah full time vs. also working. Who should teach or Paskin Sheilos, and who should not.

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