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LH5-11-Sefer Torah

2023-08-17 – LH5 – YD2 – Sefer Torah 2 – Para. 1-3 – Parshas VaYelech – NaAsey vNishmah Correspond to Niglah vNistar – Tefilah Leads to Simcha – Writing a Letter in a Sefer Torah

Sefer Torah Parshas VaYelechNaAsey vNishmah Correspond to Niglah vNistarTefilah Leads to Simcha – Writing a Letter in a Sefer Torah – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Sefer Torah 2 is based on Likutey Moharan 22.
00:00 – INTRODUCTION. וְעַתָּ֗ה כִּתְב֤וּ לָכֶם֙ אֶת־הַשִּׁירָ֣ה הַזֹּ֔את – “And now, write for yourselves this song…” (Devarim 31:19, VaYelech).
03:00 – PARAGRAPH 1. Naaseh vNishmah corresponds to Niglah v’Nistar – revealed and hidden. Joy is a crown. [See Likutey Moharan 22:9-10].
06:30 – The task of a Jew is to progress from level to level – through Tefilah he turns Torah that’s hidden from him into Torah that’s revealed to him to the point where it becomes “his” so he can renew himself and improve his actions.
13:42 – Joy is a crown. וְשִׂמְחַ֥ת עוֹלָ֖ם עַל־רֹאשָׁ֑ם – “…and eternal joy [will be] upon their heads…” (Yeshayaha 35:10). Kol is an aspect of OzAzus dKedushah – boldness for the sake of Heaven.
17:00 – Q&R about Simcha and the relationship between the heart and the mind. Simcha is b’Gematria Machshava – thought. Reference to 2Likutey Moharan – 24.
20:00 PARAGRAPH 2. Every Jew is obligated to write a Sefer Torah, or at least to write one of the letters in a Sefer Torah.
23:00 – Tefilah is associated with Nishmah/Nistar/Malkhus.
26:40 – Rav Nosson zal’s dream of “Climb… and hold.”
27:33 – Writing a Sefer Torah – or a letter in a Sefer Torah – is an example of NaAsey vNishmah.
34:00 – Internalizing Torah from “Hashem’s Torah” to one’s own Torah.
35:00 – Black fire and white fire corresponds to Nistar and Nigla, respectively.
36:00 – NOTE heard from Rabbi Rosenfeld zal on the Zohar HaKodesh– concerning the words Yotzer Ohr uVorey Choshech” – “[Who Forms light” – (Tefilas Shacharis).
42:00 – Every person has a different level of NaAsey vNishmah.
43:00 – Q&R about Kavanah during Hagbah – the goal is to be able to see the letters on the parchment.
46:00 – PARAGRAPH 3. Torah shb’Kesav and Torah sh’Baal Peh – the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. The Written Torah corresponds to Nishma/Nistar.
52:00 – Q&R about the Written Torah corresponding to Nishma/Nistar.
53:00 – Closing blessings.

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