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LH5-22-Bechor Beheyma Tehora

2024-02-22 – LH5 – YD2 – Bechor Beheyma Tehora 1 – Halakha 2 – Para. 1-4 – Etz HaDaas Tov veRa – Loshon Kodesh Is Completed Through Targum – Achila beKedusha – Korbonot – Medameh – Imagination

Bechor Beheyma Tehora 1 – 2 – Etz HaDaas Tov veRa – Loshon Kodesh Is Completed Through Targum – Korbonot – Blessings on Food – Medameh – Imagination – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Bechor Beheyma Tehora 1 is based on Likutey Moharan 19 – Tefilah LaChavakuk.
00:00 – HALAKHA 1. Etz HaDaas Tov veRa – Loshon Kodesh Is Completed Through Targum – Achila beKedusha – Blessings on Food.
05:00 – A person’s speech creates a mitzvah – for example by declaring an animal “kodesh” – it becomes sanctified as an offering to HaShem and may not be eaten by its owner. Adam and Chava were not permitted to kill animals because the animals didn’t need tikkun. It was only after the flood that man was permitted to kill animals.
11:15 – Kohanim have a higher level of obligation in kedushah, therefore Kohanim merit a portion of HaShem’s offering.
13:00 – The firstborn of a kosher animal is sanctified as an offering to HaShem automatically – it doesn’t require speech to declare it “kodesh”.
15:00 – The entire world spoke Loshon HaKodesh until the construction of Migdal Bavel. Loshon HaKodesh is the “First Language”.
17:00 – Originally it was supposed to be the first-born who would serve in the Mishkan, but because they participated in the Cheyt HaEgel, the service was given to the Kohanim.
18:00 – Q&R about gerim.
19:00 – HALAKHA 2. PARAGRAPH 1. Hilkhos Bechor Beheyma Tehora 2 is based on Likutey Moharan 54. The importance of protecting the memory by maintaining consciousness of the Eternal World. NOTE about attaching one’s mind to Olam HaBah based on a possuk in parshas Pinchas.
25:00 – Medameh – imagination – hand – simcha – joy – music – choosing the right notes to create melody. A person needs to fight to stay in a consciousness above imagination.
27:30 – Q&R about an animal’s ability to remember vs. imagination.
30:00 – PARAGRAPH 2.
31:30 – The first letter in the Torah is Beis – to remind us that there are two worlds, this world and the eternal world.
32:00 – HaShem considers the Jewish People as His firstborn. Olam HaBah is also called “bechor” – firstborn.
38:40 – The Korbon Shlomim brought special joy in the Beis HaMikdash because everyone ate from it.
*41:00 – NOTE: A person who’s praying with sadness is like a person serving a king with a discontented face. Analogy of a person paying for an audience with the U.S. president.
42:40 – Q&R about medameh – imagination.
46:00 – A person had to rest their hands strongly on the head of the Korbon.
47:20 – PARAGRAPH 3. If a Korbon has a physical defect, it cannot be offered as a sacrifice.
*50:00 – A person who speaks Loshon HaRa is a fool. Kol Haposeyl bemumo poseyl. “A fool says everything.” By speaking about others, a person reveals that he, himself, has the fault he’s speaking about.
53:00 – PARAGRAPH 4. An animal that’s been designated as Kodesh may not be sheared for its wool, nor may it be used for work.
57:00 – Q&R about avoiding involvement in politics.
59:00 – Q&R about HaShem repairing Am Yisrael as His “broken vessels”.

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