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LH5-22-Bechor Beheyma Tehora

2024-03-05 – LH5 – YD2 – Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 – Para. 16b-18 – Purim – Sharvis HaZahav – The Golden Scepter – Fragrance of Yirah – Morchechai – Esther – Moshiach Instills Hope – Shem Beis Yud Tess – HaShem Is Vadai – Amalek Is Sofeyk

Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 – Purim – Sharvis HaZahav – The Golden Scepter – Fragrance of Yirah – Morchechai – EstherMoshiach Instills Hope – Shem Beis Yud TessHaShem Is Vadai – Amalek Is Sofeyk – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 is based on Likutey Moharan 185.
*00:00 – PARAGRAPH 16b. Purim – Sharvis HaZahav – the golden scepter. Why the miracles of Purim are considered greater than the miracles of Yetziyas Mitzrayim.
10:00 – גַּ֚ם כִּֽי־אֵלֵ֨ךְ בְּגֵ֪יא צַלְמָ֡וֶת לֹא־אִ֘ירָ֚א רָ֗ע כִּי־אַתָּ֥ה עִמָּדִ֑י שִׁבְטְךָ֥ וּ֜מִשְׁעַנְתֶּ֗ךָ הֵ֣מָּה יְנַֽחֲמֻֽנִי – “Even when I walk in the valley of darkness, I will fear no evil for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff – they comfort me” (Tehillim 23:4).
11:30 – PARAGRAPH 17. The secret of the Golden Scepter. Gold is the root of midas hadin. Din can only be eliminated at its source.
20:00 – Moshiach will draw yirah from such a high level that this yirah will only be beneficial and will instill hope, not despair.
*21:30 – NOTE about Eicha 3:22 – חַֽסְדֵ֤י יְהֹוָה֙ כִּ֣י לֹֽא־תָ֔מְנוּ כִּ֥י לֹֽא־כָל֖וּ רַֽחֲמָֽיו – “Truly, the kindnesses of HaShem never cease! Indeed, His mercies never fail” and Eicha 5:21 – הֲשִׁיבֵ֨נוּ יְהֹוָ֤ה | אֵלֶ֨יךָ֙ וְֽנָשׁ֔וּבָה (כתיב וְֽנָשׁ֔וּבָ) חַדֵּ֥שׁ יָמֵ֖ינוּ כְּקֶֽדֶם – “Restore us to You, HaShem, that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old”. “When HaShem punishes, it’s only for the sake of rehabilitation.”
24:00 – HaShem is going to “use up all His arrows” – which implies that His punishments will eventually end, while Am Yisrael will never end.
**26:00 – Powerful analogy of the night sky and finding one’s good points. This process relates to Purim and the concept of the Golden Scepter.
28:00 – NOTE from Rabbi Rosenfeld zal on a secret Name of HaShem: Beis Yud Tess. Bezroah Yikabetz Talaim – HaShem gathers in the sheep” also in כִּ֚י בִ֣י חָ֖שַׁק וַֽאֲפַלְּטֵ֑הוּ אֲ֜שַׂגְּבֵ֗הוּ כִּֽי־יָ֘דַ֥ע שְׁמִֽי (Tehillim 91). This Name is also “shemen” in gematria ABaSH (Beis becomes Shin, Yud becomes Mem, Tess becomes Noon. “Sharvit” is “Saar of Beis Yud Tess.”
31:00 – Q&R about the Beis Yud Tess. NOTE about a special tefilah for Tikkun HaBris that also contains this Name of HaShem.
34:00 – Q&R about sins in our present time.
37:00 – Q&R about Gevurah and Chesed relating to Gold and Silver. Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferes is higher in than Netzach-Hod-Yesod.
39:30 – Correction of previous statement in the shiur Beis Yud Tess is not in the 72 Letter Name.
*39:40 – PARAGRAPH 18. Remembering the evil of Amalek.
44:00 – NOTE about Reb Zanvil zal reaching out to HaShem for rescue when he was imprisoned in the Soviet Union. Account of Natan Sharansky saying Tehillim in prison.
47:00 – Difficulties can support teshuvah, as in בַּצַּר־לִ֨י | אֶקְרָ֣א יְהֹוָה֘  – “When I am suffering, I call out to HaShem” (Tehillim 18:7).
**49:30 – HaShem is Vadai – begematria Y – K – V – K while Amalek is begematria sofeyk – doubt.
51:00 – Closing blessings and mention of Ramadan approaching soon – powerful blessing to fear only HaShem.

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