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Bo – Ani veLo Malach – Torah is Drawn from the Names of Hashem – Miracles vs. Magic – Clothing the Torah (Entire Shiur)

BoAni veLo Malach – Torah Is Drawn from the Names of HaShem – Miracles vs. Magic – Clothing the Torah (Entire Shiur) – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Text: Likutey Halakhos, Orach Chaim 2, Birkhas HaMazon 5, Para. 9.

00:00 – This shiur is dedicated l’ilui nishmas Reb Yitzchak Leib b’Reb Menachem Zwebner z”l, and l’ilui nishmas Reb Ephraim b’Reb Shmuel Hechtman z”l.
01:26 – PARAGRAPH 9. Parshas Bo – “Ani velo malach…”
02:43 – NOTE from the writings of the Arizal: The Daled Alefin (4 aspects of the letter Alef) are from HaShem’s name Ekyeh. Chachma and Binah are usually above Torah, which is drawn from Tiferes. The revelation of Torah began with Moshe Rabbeinu facilitating HaShem’s Miracles vs. Magic of Egypt.
06:37 – Opposition to the tzaddik is created through Fallen Torah.
09:23 – The process of the redemption from Egypt. Sometimes the Torah is “dressed” as an angel. HaShem was “forced” to redeem Israel from Egypt “Himself”, without intermediaries. “Ani velo malach.”
09:51 – Kudsha Berich Hu v’Oreisa are One.
11:00 – HaShem’s name “ShaKei” equals 314 – the gematria of the Malach Mem Tess.
11:26 – If a person receives Torah from an impure source, that Torah becomes a deadly poison.
*14:00 – Parshas Bo.
16:04 – There are a number of different ways the Torah can be “dressed” in “garments”.
17:00 – There are many types of Torah Nefulah (“Fallen Torah”).
19:51 – HaShem consulted with the angels before He created man.
23:48 – Geulah in Atbash is Keser.
24:34 – QUESTION and RESPONSE: it is possible to fulfill the mitzvah of hospitality for a Talmud chachom by providing for his needs for Shabbos? RESPONSE: Yes, it’s one of the highest forms of tzedakah.
25:47 – QUESTION about Toros Nefulos. RESPONSE: A person can’t reach the highest level of the Torah through simply reading seforim.
28:44 – QUESTION and RESPONSE about why Rebbe Nachman was reluctant to perform open miracles.
29:47 – Story of the Baal Shem Tov accepting the loss of his Olam Habah when he decreed that a couple should not remain childless.
33:44 – QUESTION about “clothing” the Torah.
34:46 – QUESTION about the closing phrase of this halakha: Kudsha Berich Hu v’Oreisa are One.

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