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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated by Nathan and Joyce Rudy and family l’iluy nishmat Sion ben Salha ע”ה and l’iluy nishmat Serach bat Seti ע”ה.

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01-Nissan/ ניסן

Rabbi Rosenfeld z”l – Rebbe Nachman’s Pesach Seder Aboard a Warship (Clip)

On Rebbe Nachman’s return from Eretz Yisrael he and his assistant celebrate the Pesach seder aboard a warship. Text: Shevachey HaRan – the life of Rebbe Nachman as told by his student, Rav Noson of Nemirov. Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l. (Audio excerpts with background music.) The entire shiur without music can be heard at RSH-Lesson 06b-Rebbe Nachman’s Return from Eretz Yisrael

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