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Adar – The Four Parshios and Dinei Purim – R’ Rosenfeld zal

Adar – Four Parshios and Dinei Purim – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal.
00:00 – Parshas Zachor.
01:27 – Explanation of Shushan Purim.
02:19 – Siman from the Tur for calculating the Four Parshios: Zayin – Beis – Daled – Vuv.
07:25 – Dinei Arba Parshios in Adar and Nissan.
08:49 – Parshas Parah.
10:55 – Saying the words of Tefilah about Korbonos is like actually bringing a Korbon.
12:55 – Dinei Krias Megillah – Laws and customs for reading Megilas Esther on Purim.
13:32 – Why the blessing Shehechiyanu is said both at the evening Krias Megillah and in the morning. Kavana and Minhagim during Krias Megillah.
20:12 – Dinei Mishhloach Manos.
24:23 – Wine on Purim.
27:21 – One Purim, Rav Shmuel Shapiro zal boarded an 11 bus in downtown Jerusalem and told the driver, “Take me to Uman!”

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