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Ein Yaakov/ עין יעקב - ר' רוזנפלד

Ein Yaakov – Lesson 008 – Shabbos – Why Do People Die? Why Do Strange Creatures Exist? Moshe Rabbeinu – Reincarnation of Hevel

Ein Yaakov – Maseches Shabbos – Why Do People Die? The Existence of Strange Creatures – Free Will of Moshe Rabbeinu – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal.
00:00 – Why do people die?
02:33 – Tzaddikim who didn’t commit any sin but nevertheless died.
03:07 – 6 people who died only because of Adam’s sin and not through any sin of their own. Angels ask HaShem why Adam received the punishment of death.
06:00 – Adam’s teshuvah for 130 years and why it wasn’t sufficient.
09:56 – Comparison between the mistakes of Shaul HaMelech and Dovid HaMelech.
12:51 – At this point in history, Amalek will can only be wiped out by HaShem Himself.
16:20 – Moshe Rabbeinu and Aharon HaKohen never sinned.
16:30 – Right and left side in the Torah: long life, wealth and honor.
18:35 – Rabbi Abba and Rabbi Yossi ben Pazi, a story about the study of Torah lishma – for its own sake – vs. the study of Torah lo lishma – for personal gain.
21:04 – Story about Rabbi Yossi ben Pazi and the Yanuka.
*26:00 – Sometimes a loan or business partnership can be very high level of tzedakah.
29:37 – Reasons for the the existence of various strange creatures.
32:08 – Large creatures afraid of tiny ones: examples and explanation.
35:10 – Secrets of the Gemara are hidden inside strange questions and answers. For example: when flocks travel together, why do the goats go in advance of the sheep?
37:20 – Why is the tail of a camel short, while the tail of an ox is long?
38:08 – What is the purpose of insects?
38:56 – The Torah is a conduit of HaShem’s life-giving energy, not food. Lessons learned from the fish, serpent, and pig – all three become stronger as they age.
41:39 – Beginning of a new shiur (lecture).
41:20 – Three things Moshe Rabbeinu did through his own free will and HaShem consented afterwards.
43:00 – What was the free will of Moshe Rabbeinu?
50:43 – Why did Aharon and Miriam question the behavior of their brother, Moshe Rabbeinu? The outstanding quality of Tzipporah.
51:39 – Hevel had two wives. Yisro was a gilgul of Cain. Moshe Rabbeinu was a gilgul of Hevel.

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