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Ein Yaakov/ עין יעקב - ר' רוזנפלד

Ein Yaakov – Lesson 016b – Pesachim – Page 22 – Rabbi Shimon HaAmsuni and the Word את – “Et”; Finding the Right Marriage Partner; Definition of Talmid Chakham

Ein Yaakov, Pesachim 22b: Rabbi Shimon HaAmsuni and the Word את – “Et”. Finding the Right Marriage Partner. Definition of Talmid Chakham. Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל.
00:00 – Every word in the Torah has infinite depth. Rabbi Shimon HaAmsuni expounds on the meaning of the word את – “et” – one of the smallest and seemingly insignificant words in the Torah, yet one of the most profound.
08:17 – The prophet Iddo warned King Yeravam about idol worship. When the king raised his hand against the prophet, the king’s arm immediately shriveled up (1 Melachim 13:1-6). Hashem upholds the honor of a tzaddik much more than He defends His own honor.
10:23 – The importance of showing respect to a Talmid Chakham – Torah scholar.
15:00 – A person who shows respect to Torah scholars is rewarded with success in his own Torah study and with children who follow the path of the Torah.
15:38 – When a person innovates new technology, they are destroyed by their own inventions.
19:32 – A Torah scholar should not attend any festive meal that is not a seudat mitzvah.
21:00 – A bat kohen should only marry a kohen or a Torah scholar.
22:12 – Advice for finding the right marriage partner.
25:07 – Investigating the brothers of an intended bride. Priorities in choosing the right marriage partner: above all, choose someone who has emunat chakhamim – faith in rabbis.
31:05 – What is the definition of an Am HaAretz? There are several opinions in the Gemara: 1) one who doesn’t recite the Shema morning and night; 2) one who doesn’t put on tefillin; 3) one who doesn’t wear tzitzit; 4) one who doesn’t have mezuzot on his doors; 5) one who has no faith in rabbis.
32:21 – Proof that the truest of these definitions is the last one: an Am HaAretz is one who has no faith in rabbis.
*33:22 – A wealthy person who lacks education in Torah is not considered an Am HaAretz if he uses his wealth to support Torah. In fact, such a person is considered a Talmid Chakham – literally, both: “a student of a rabbi” and “a wise student”.
34:07 – Definition of a Bat Talmid Chakham: a girl or woman who was raised, or who has raised herself, to have faith in rabbis.

35:20 – Why an Am HaAretz – one who has no faith in rabbis – is compared to an animal.

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