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Ein Yaakov/ עין יעקב - ר' רוזנפלד

Ein Yaakov – Lesson 176b – Avos DeRav Nasan 35 – Ten Miracles of Jerusalem – Kimchas – Modesty – Women – Best of Doctors – Shimush Talmid Chokham

Ein Yaakov – Lesson 176b – Avos DeRav Nasan 35 – Ten Miracles of Jerusalem – Kimchas – Modesty – Best of Doctors – Shimush Talmid Chokham – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal.
00:00 – Ten miracles took place in Jerusalem during the time when the Beis HaMikdash was standing. No one ever mistakenly ate an offering in Jerusalem that was forbidden to him.
02:23 – There were no destructive fires in Jerusalem.
05:07 – No house or wall in Jerusalem fell down.
06:26 – There was always room for everyone to stay in Jerusalem because it’s above the concept of space.
10:19 – HaShem didn’t want anyone to be embarrassed to say Viduy in Jerusalem so miraculously there was ample space around everyone during the bowing of Yom Kippur.
12:34 – In the future Jerusalem will expand all the way to Damascus.
14:58 – Another miracle: the Kohen Gadol never became impure on Yom Kippur.
17:52 – Kimchas merited seven sons who served as Kohen Gadol. She said, “All my life, the rafters of my home never saw my hair” (Yoma 47a).
18:05 – The merit of Yocheved, mother of Moshe Rabbeinu.
20:17 – כָּל־כְּבוּדָּ֣ה בַת־מֶ֣לֶךְ פְּנִ֑ימָה מִמִּשְׁבְּצ֖וֹת זָהָ֣ב לְבוּשָֽׁהּ (Tehillim 45:14). Tznius – modesty in Jewish women.
*20:56 – “The true Jewish queen is the one who stays hidden, reserved. Her garments then become greater than those of the Kohen Gadol… The crown, the glory of a Jewish woman, is to be as reserved, as refined, as conservative as possible. And that is respected an honored in heaven.”
23:33 – Who is to be honored more, one’s rebbe or one’s father?
*27:25 – “A child who does mitzvos should know that his mitzvos count for the sake of his parents.”
27:37 – “The best of doctors and butchers go to gehinnam” (Kiddushin 82a).
34:33 – The deeds that prevent a person from entering Gan Eden.
*36:34 – Rabbi Akiva. “Throughout his whole life, a person should remain a student.”

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