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Breslov Torah for Women/ נשי ברסלב

Female Principle Hidden Within the Male

The term “Adam” is inclusive of both male and female principles on the spiritual level. In the physical world, woman embodies the hidden principle of containment to facilitate the male principle. The purpose of the soul being clothed in a male or female body is to bring both male and female to spiritual completion. Text: Likutey Halakhos, Choshen Mishpat 2, Hilkhos Nachalos 2, Paragraph 6. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.

00:00 – Various Names of Hashem represent both male and female principles. The four-letter Name, Yud-Hey-Vuv-Hey (26), is almost always used to represent the male principle. The Shekhina (female principle) is usually alluded to by “Ekyeh” (21), Aleph-Daled-Noon-Yod (104), and Elokim (86). The Zohar brings that name “Adam” (45) includes both male and female principles because it is the four-letter Name of Hashem (26) plus “Chavah” (Eve) (19).

00:42 – Also, when the four-letter Name, Yud-Hey-Vuv-Hey is spelled b’milui (“filled in” – that is: spelling the letters) Hashem‘s name is actually “completed” with the gematria of Chavah (19).
Yod-vuv-daled (10 is added)
Hey-alef (1 is added)
Vuv-alef-vuv (7 is added)
Hey-alef (1 is added)
What does this mean? That the female principle is actually included within the male principle.

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