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Halakha and Customs – Rabbi Rosenfeld ז"ל/ הלכה ומנהג

Halakha 10a – Hilkhos Kaddish – Hilkhos Kriyas HaTorah

Halakha 10a – Hilkhos Kaddish – Hilkhos Kriyas HaTorah – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal.
00:00 – Hilkhos Kaddish. The importance of standing during Kaddish. Eglon, King of Midian, showed respect for Hashem by standing.
03:22 – There are Malachim that correspond to parts of the body.
05:33 – A Minyan is needed to say Kaddish.
08:53 – Prohibition of idle speech during Tefilah.
10:36 – Responding to two different recitals of Kaddish at once.
13:23 – Laws concerning responding to blessings after the Chazon says Baruch Hu.
14:00 – Responding to Kaddish after Baruch Hu.
14:40 – Hilkhos Kriyas HaTorah. It’s strictly forbidden to speak during Kriyas HaTorah.
20:07 – Rebbe Nachman described hearing the sounds of Matan Torah on Shavuos.
21:01 – Both standing and sitting are permitted during Kriyas HaTorah. The Arizal sat during Kriyas HaTorah.
23:21 – Criteria for choosing a Chazan.

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