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Halakha and Customs – Rabbi Rosenfeld ז"ל/ הלכה ומנהג

Halakha 109 – Shabbat – Mitzvot deOreita and deRabanan; Carrying on Shabbat; Gold Watch of R’ Yisrael Abba Rosenfeld z”l; Muktza; Kiddush

Halakha 109 – Shabbat – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל. Mitzvot deOreita and deRabanan; Carrying on Shabbat; Gold Watch of R’ Yisrael Abba Rosenfeld ז”ל; Muktza; Preparing for ShabbatChallot; Kiddush and Eyesight; Rabbi Akiva and the Importance of Attending a Torah Shiur.
00:19 – Techum Shabbat – the maximum distance one is permitted to walk outside of a city on Shabbat.
07:17 – Mitzvot deOreita (laws based on the written Torah) and mitzvot deRabanan (rabbinic ordinances).
10:35 – The prohibition of carrying on Shabbat.
20:02 – Rabbi Yisrael Abba Rosenfeld let his gold watch fall into the gutter when he discovered it in his pocket on Shabbat.
20:52 – Brief overview of the Beit Yosef and the Shulchan Aruch.
21:51 – Laws of muktza (objects that are forbidden to move on Shabbat).
23:36 – Why it’s forbidden to lean against a tree on Shabbat.
25:08 – Most muktza can be touched as long as it isn’t moved. Items that are not solidly immovable, like a chandelier, may not be touched.
15:17 – Chapter 310 in the Shulchan Aruch speaks about “basis l’devar muktza” – when the table supports items that may not be moved on Shabbat.
26:23 – Why the mitzvah of candle lighting is given to women. The husband should put the candelabra on the table, light them, extinguish them, singeing the wicks to make it easier for the wife to kindle the lights.
28:44 – Disposing of a tissue on Shabbat. The Mitzva of carrying from private domain to public domain on Shabbat can be overridden by rabbinic decree to uphold kavod hatzibur.
30:45 – When making Kiddush on Shabbat, gazing at the wine heals physical eyesight. The candles should be on the table where the meal will be. They can be moved by the husband after the wife lights them, if more room is needed at the table for guests.
31:35 – Kiddush Friday night is said standing, and then one sits down to drink the wine.
*32:22 – It is an important minhag ARIzal (custom based on the Zohar HaKadosh) to leave the kiddush cup on the Shabbat table through Shabbat with a bit of wine in the bottom. The kiddush cup should not be removed from the table until after Shabbat. For each meal, it can be rinsed out just before the meal and replaced.
34:02 – Story from the life of Rabbi Akiva about the importance of attending a Torah shiur.

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