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Halakha and Customs – Rabbi Rosenfeld ז"ל/ הלכה ומנהג

Halakha 109 (Clip 2) – The Shabbat Table – Laws and Customs

Halakha 109 (Clip 2) – The Shabbat Table – Laws and Customs. Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל.
00:00 – Basis l’Devar Assur – Supporting structure for something that’s forbidden to move on Shabbat. If an item that can’t be moved on Shabbat is placed on a table, it is forbidden to move that table. One way to insure that the table on which the lights are resting can be moved on Shabbat: make sure the Challot – special loaves of bread for Shabbat – are on the table before the wife kindles the Shabbat lights.
01:05 – The Mitzvah of candle lighting on Shabbat and Yom Tov is the responsibility of the woman. Yet men are supposed to take part as well, by preparing the wicks ahead of time. Lighting them, then immediately extinguishing them so the wicks are singed, which helps them ignite more easily.
*03:10 – How to make kiddush on Shabbat: gazing at the wine heals physical eyesight.
04:00 – During the recital of the 35 words in “vayichulu” (“…the heavens and the earth were completed…”) of Friday night Kiddush we look at the radiance of the Shabbos lights.

04:52 – Kiddush Friday evening is said standing. Drinking the wine from the Kos afterwards is done seated.
05:39 – It is a custom of the ARIzal to leave the Kiddush Kos on the table throughout Shabbat with a bit of wine in it. The cup can be rinsed just before each meal and refilled.

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