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Kabbalah on Bris Milah – Shabbos Nachamu – Tu B’Av – Circle Dance of the Tzaddikim – The Zodiac

Bris MilahShabbos NachamuTu B’Av – Circle Dance of the Tzaddikim – The Zodiac – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l.
*05:09- The seven lower  Sefiros are also called the “Seven Heavens”. The Eighth Heaven is above Eretz Yisrael and Hashem has direct jurisdiction over it.
06:18 – B’gematria six times Hashem’s Name Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (26 x 6 = 96) is Yosef, seven times is Yaakov, eight times is Yitzchak and Pinchos (Eliyahu).
06:59 – Connection between Eliyahu HaNavi and Pinchos.
07:42 – The Sefiros are represented by different types of trees. The Erez (cedar) corresponds to Binah (understanding). Erez is eight times Hashem’s Name 26.
08:19 – The six days of the week correspond to the Sefiros. This is alluded to in Rebbe Nachman’s Sipurey Masiyos through the king with six sons and one daughter (in the Story of the Lost Princess). The secret of Shabbos is 8 times Hashem’s name: Binah/Erez.
11:26 – “Nachamu nachamu” is eight times Hashem’s Name Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (26 x 8 = 208).
*11:45 – The importance of Tu B’Av.
12:02 – Each day of the lunar month corresponds to a different letter of the Alef Beis. The Samech corresponds to the fifteenth of the month.
12:39 – Every animal or bird has a corresponding tree. The egg as a symbol of mourning and its parallel to the Luz bone.
13:22 – In the Machol – circle dance – of the future, all Tzaddikim will be equally distant from the center.
*13:53 – The Mazalos (signs of the zodiac) are conscious beings, similar to angels. Each one faces the back of the one preceding it, so each has the sense that it “leads” the year. This creates peace between all of them.

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